Saturday, September 11, 2021

Week 1 2021 NFL Picks Against a 14-Year-Old

Here we go again! Welcome back to The Cheap Seats! We are now in our 11th year of picking against a kid. Problem is, the Kid is 14 and just about taller than all of us. Doesn't mean he knows anything about football. In fact, football to him is just something that interferes with the MLB pennant chases. 

In any event, JDaddy and The Kid have each won 3 seasons of picks while Uncle J and I have each won twice.

Should be a great year!

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Final Results - 2020 NFL Picks Against A 13-Year-Old

Well, we made it through the 2020 NFL season. The NFL got all of their games in, and as far as we know, everyone at The Cheap Seats avoided COVID-19. Great success all around.

Congratulations to JDaddy! He built up a nice lead and was able to coast across the finish line with the 2020 Championship.

Week 17

CDog: 9-7

Uncle J: 8-8

JDaddy: 7-9

13-Year-Old: 6-10


JDaddy: 125-126-7

13-Year-Old: 119-132-5

CDog: 118-133-5

Uncle J: 116-135-5

This was our 10th season to do this pick 'em contest. JDaddy now joins The Kid with 3 victories. Uncle J and I both have two. 

Hopefully when we get this started back up in the fall COVID will be gone, and fans will be in the stands. Either way, we'll be ready!

Sunday, January 3, 2021

Week 17 NFL Picks Against A 13-Year-Old

Happy New Year! JDaddy is in prime position to coast to victory. We'll see if The Kid can catch up.

Week 16

13-Year-Old: 8-7-1

CDog: 8-7-1

JDaddy: 7-8-1

Uncle J: 7-8-1


JDaddy: 118-117-5

13-Year-Old: 113-122-5

CDog: 109-126-5

Uncle J: 108-127-5

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Week 16 2020 NFL Picks Against A 13-Year-Old

JDaddy can smell the finish line. The Kid had a nice Week 15, but he still lost ground.

And Ohio State sucks.

Week 15

JDaddy: 10-5-1

13-Year-Old: 9-6-1

CDog: 7-8-1

Uncle J: 7-8-1


JDaddy: 111-109-4

13-Year-Old: 105-115-4

CDog: 101-119-4

Uncle J: 101-119-4

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Week 15 2020 NFL Picks Against A 13-Year-Old

We are now in the home stretch. Week 14 wasn't good for us, but JDaddy's 8-8 week has extended his lead. The Kid is still lurking, while Uncle J and I need to get hot.

Week 14

JDaddy: 8-8

13-Year-Old: 5-11

Uncle J: 5-11

CDog: 4-12


JDaddy: 101-104-3

13-Year-Old: 96-109-3

CDog: 94-111-3

Uncle J: 94-111-3

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Week 14 2020 NFL Picks Against A 13-Year-Old

The Kid continues his march towards the front. It's been a rough year picking games here in the Cheap Seats.

Nothing tells the story better than this:

New England (+1) at LA Chargers
LA Chargers
LA Chargers
LA Chargers
LA Chargers

Followed by this:



(6-6, 2-4 Away)



(3-9, 2-4 Home)


But we're always striving for better. And with 4 weeks to go, it's anyone's game.

Week 14

13-Year-Old: 8-7

Uncle J: 8-7

CDog: 7-8

JDaddy: 6-9


JDaddy: 93-96-3

13-Year-Old: 91-98-3

CDog: 90-99-3

Uncle J: 89-100-3