Friday, November 17, 2017

Week 11 2017 NFL Picks Against A 10-Year-Old

Whew. Mama said there'd be days like this. JDaddy's 7-6-1 week 10 kept us from really stinking up the joint, but the rest of us were terrible. Uncle J still managed to stretch his lead to 5 games. We're getting to the point in the season where it's getting harder to catch up. We've all got some work to do!

Week 10
JDaddy: 7-6-1
Uncle J: 5-8-1
CDog: 4-9-1
10-Year-Old: 3-10-1

Uncle J: 81-59-5
CDog: 76-64-5
JDaddy: 67-73-5
10-Year-Old: 63-77-5

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Week 10 2017 NFL Picks Against A 10-Year-Old

It only took us 7 years, but we finally have honed our craft to the point that we know what we're doing.

A little look behind the curtain: we pick the Thursday game before I type this post, so we already know how we stand after 1 game. This past Thursday, with the Seahawks 6 point favorites, the Cardinals were down by 12 and driving for a late meaningless touchdown. With 24 seconds left they scored a touchdown. Great news! The Kid and I both picked the Cards, so once this PAT goes through, the Cardinals will cover, and we'll be off to a great start to Week 10. Except the PAT was blocked.

The lesson? Once again, betting on football is dumb.

Week 9
Uncle J: 8-4-1
10-Year-Old: 8-4-1
CDog: 7-5-1
JDaddy: 7-5-1

Uncle J: 76-51-4
CDog: 72-55-4
JDaddy: 60-67-4
10-Year-Old: 60-67-4

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Week 9 2017 NFL Picks Against A 10-Year-Old

Another week, another win for Uncle J. I think this is the best 8-week showing we've ever had in The Cheap Seats.

Week 8
Uncle J: 8-5
CDog: 7-6
10-Year-Old: 7-6
JDaddy: 6-7

Uncle J: 68-47-3
CDog: 65-50-3
JDaddy: 53-62-3
10-Year-Old: 52-63-3

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Week 8 2017 NFL Picks Against a 10-Year-Old

Long week. Don't have much time to chat, but Uncle J continues to hold his lead!

Week 7
CDog: 6-6-2
JDaddy: 6-6-2
Uncle J: 5-7-2
10-Year-Old: 4-8-2

Uncle J: 60-42-3
CDog: 58-44-3
JDaddy: 47-55-3
10-Year-Old: 45-57-3

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Week 7 2017 NFL Picks Against A 10-Year-Old

Uncle J continues to roll. He should have been betting real money this season (and who's to say he hasn't been).

Overall, the Cheap Seats are looking good this year.

Thanks to everyone who participated in our JDRF One Walk! We will end up very close to our fundraising record! And you can still give - just go here:

Eli's Encouragers JDRF Team.

Week 6
Uncle J: 10-4
CDog: 8-6
10-Year-Old: 7-7
JDaddy: 6-8

Uncle J: 55-35-1
CDog: 52-38-1
10-Year-Old: 41-49-1
JDaddy: 41-49-1

Friday, October 13, 2017

Week 6 2017 NFL Picks Against a 10-Year-Old

Look at us! 2 weeks in a row with no losers! After all these years, we finally know what we're doing.

Uncle J continues to lead the way, but CDog is gaining on him. After a slow start, JDaddy and The Kid have righted the ship and are holding on.

One quick reminder. Our JDRF One Walk is tomorrow! We have crossed the $10,000 fundraising mark and have our all-time high of $13,000 in our sights. If you would like to help us get there, you can do so here: Eli's Encouragers JDRF Team.

If you'll be in the Fort Worth area on Saturday morning, 10/14/17, come join us!

Thanks for your support!

Week 5
CDog: 9-5
Uncle J: 8-6
JDaddy: 8-6
10-Year-Old: 7-7

Uncle J: 45-31-1
CDog: 44-32-1
JDaddy: 35-41-1
10-Year-Old: 34-42-1