Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cheap Seats NFL Predictions 2012

We're back!  After taking a little bit of a break for the past few months, it's time to get this thing up and running again.  JDaddy has been checking in with thoughts on Junior Seau and Josh Hamilton, but I have been a no show.  I'm going to try to break that trend and get back in the Cheap Seats blogging groove.

And what better way to start than presenting our 2012 NFL Predictions.  And you'll be happy to know that this season we will once again be making weekly picks against a kid.  Regular readers know how that ended last year.  This year, there will be no mercy on the now-5-year-old.

The predictions do not include the kid (he's at school and I wanted to get this out), but rest assured he would make better picks than we have here.