Saturday, December 28, 2019

Week 17 2019 NFL Picks Against A 12-Year-Old

It all comes down to this. 1 game separates 1st and 2nd place. And JDaddy is still lurking back there in third place with a chance to take the crown. Maybe the crown will be one of these shirts. Ticket P1s will get the joke.

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Phone Call From Lower Heaven

I've spent the last week on pain meds while recovering from back surgery, but you can trust that the count is accurate.

Week 16
Uncle J: 10-5-1
12-Year-Old: 10-5-1
CDog: 9-6-1
JDaddy: 8-7-1

Uncle J: 132-104-4
CDog: 131-105-4
JDaddy: 127-109-4
12-Year-Old: 123-113-4

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Week 16 2019 NFL Picks Against A 12-Year-Old

It's been a magical season here at The Cheap Seats. We have been at the top of our picking game like never before. As we head into the last two weeks of the season, all 4 of us have a chance to take home the top prize.

The Kid has the biggest challenge ahead of him, but if he continues his hot streak he's got a shot!

Week 15
CDog: 12-4
12-Year-Old: 12-4
JDaddy: 10-6
Uncle J: 9-7

CDog: 122-99-3
Uncle J: 122-99-3
JDaddy: 119-102-3
12-Year-Old: 113-108-3

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Week 15 2019 NFL Picks Against A 12-Year-Old

Been a busy week in The Cheap Seats, so I'm getting this out late. We have a new leader!

Week 14
Uncle J: 11-4-1
JDaddy: 9-6-1
CDog: 7-8-1
12-Year-Old: 5-10-1

Uncle J: 113-92-3
CDog: 110-95-3
JDaddy: 109-96-3
12-Year-Old: 101-104-3

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Week 14 2019 NFL Picks Against A 12-Year-Old

We have a race on our hands! Uncle J and JDaddy led the way on Thanksgiving weekend, while I dropped back. I'd like to blame it on too much food, but I don't like Thanksgiving food, so I barely eat. My biggest problem was thinking Oakland could handle KC. Oops.

At least I saw the Cowboys for what they are before everyone else did!

Quick family plug...

Brother T has created a Youtube channel with his son, NJ, where NJ schools Brother T on how to succeed in today's fast-paced, high tech society. I'll put the links to where you can find them below.

They have a Kickstarter campaign going to help #GrowTheShow by purchasing better equipment to continue bringing the heat with high-quality content. You can check out the Kickstarter and contribute here!

Link to their website

Link to their Youtube channel

It's good stuff and kid-driven. Check it out!

On to football...

Week 13
Uncle J: 10-6
JDaddy: 9-7
CDog: 6-10
12-Year-Old: 6-10

CDog: 103-87-2
Uncle J: 102-88-2
JDaddy: 100-90-2
12-Year-Old: 96-94-2

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Week 13 2019 NFL Picks Against A 12-Year-Old

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at the Cheap Seats! We're thankful for good picks this year. It's going to be a great finish.

Week 12
Uncle J: 10-4
JDaddy: 9-5
12-Year-Old: 8-6
CDog: 7-7

CDog: 97-77-2
Uncle J: 92-82-2
JDaddy: 91-83-2
12-Year-Old: 90-84-2

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Week 12 2019 NFL Picks Against A 12-Year-Old

Week 11 was a good week! All 4 of us have winning records on the season, and any of us can win the whole thing with a strong finish!

Week 11
CDog: 10-4
Uncle J: 9-5
12-Year-Old: 8-6
JDaddy: 8-6

CDog: 90-70-2
12-Year-Old: 82-78-2
JDaddy: 82-78-2
Uncle J: 82-78-2

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Week 11 2019 NFL Picks Against A 12-Year-Old

Week 10 was rough in The Cheap Seats. Well, for everyone except....ME!

Despite everyone else's struggles, we still have no one under .500. Lets hope it continues!

Also, as a reminder, we are still raising money to find a cure for Type 1 Diabetes. If you would like to participate, simply click the link below!

On to Week 10....

Week 10
12-Year-Old: 5-7-1
JDaddy: 5-7-1
Uncle J: 3-9-1

CDog: 80-66-2
12-Year-Old: 74-72-2
JDaddy: 74-72-2
Uncle J: 73-73-2

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Week 10 2019 NFL Picks Against A 12-Year-Old

The hits keep coming. Even with Uncle J and The Kid finishing below .500 last week, we're still running very well for the year.

Also, many of  you know that The Kid was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when he was 2 years old. He battles bravely every day, and we look forward to days with better technology, and ultimately a cure for the disease.

Each year, our family participates in the JDRF One Walk in Fort Worth. We've almost raised $100,000 since we began walking in 2010. If you would like to contribute to our team, you may do so at the link below. Thank you for your support! Remember...better blood sugar levels help keep a clear head, which helps The Kid with his picks.

On to Week 10....

Week 9
CDog: 9-5
JDaddy: 8-6
Uncle J: 6-8
12-Year-Old: 6-8

CDog: 72-62-1
Uncle J: 70-64-1
JDaddy: 69-65-1
12-Year-Old: 69-65-1

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Week 9 2019 NFL Picks Against a 12-Year-Old

All of us are over .500 for the first time, since, well, I think ever. Lets see how long this lasts.

Week 8
JDaddy: 10-5
Uncle J: 8-7
CDog: 7-8
12-Year-Old: 7-8

Uncle J: 64-56-1
CDog: 63-57-1
12-Year-Old: 63-57-1
JDaddy: 61-59-1

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Week 8 2019 NFL Picks Against a 12-Year-Old

We have a 3-way tie! Week 7 was good for us at the Cheap Seats. The Kid is making a run!

Week 7
12-Year-Old: 12-2
JDaddy: 11-3
Uncle J: 8-6
CDog: 8-6

Uncle J: 56-49-1
CDog: 56-49-1
12-Year-Old: 56-49-1
JDaddy: 51-54-1

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Week 7 2019 NFL Picks Against a 12-Year-Old

A good Week 6 here at the Cheap Seats. We have a tie at the top!

Week 6
CDog: 9-5
JDaddy: 9-5
Uncle J: 8-6
12-Year-Old: 7-7

Uncle J: 48-43-1
CDog: 48-43-1
12-Year-Old: 44-47-1
JDaddy: 40-51-1

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Week 6 2019 NFL Picks Against a 12-Year-Old

Week 5 had one winner: me! All thank to Aaron Rodgers. I was smart enough to know that he owns the Cowboys, so why pick against him. Thanks, Aaron.

Week 5
CDog: 8-6-1
JDaddy: 7-7-1
12-Year-Old: 6-8-1
Uncle J: 5-9-1

Uncle J: 40-37-1
CDog: 39-38-1
12-Year-Old: 37-40-1
JDaddy: 31-46-1

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Week 5 2019 NFL Picks Against a 12-Year-Old

Week 4 was tough on us all. That's what happens on weeks like that where Tampa goes in and beat the Rams as bad as they did.

Uncle J has retaken the lead, but we're all still lurking.

Week 4
Uncle J: 8-7
CDog: 8-7
12-Year-Old: 4-11
JDaddy: 3-12

Uncle J: 35-28
CDog: 31-32
12-Year-Old: 31-32
JDaddy: 24-39

On to Week 5...

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Week 4 2019 NFL Picks Against a 12-Year-Old

Week 3 was a little bumpy around The Cheap Seats, for all except The Kid. He had a nice week, and it has vaulted him up to a tie for first place.

Even though this is a football post, I wanted to say a special good bye to Globe Life Park, which will be closed to baseball by the time Week 4 of the 2019 NFL season is over.

The profile picture on our website is from Game 3 of the 2010 World Series, the first ever World Series game played at The Ballpark.

Globe Life a beautiful ballpark that housed some really good teams and players.

In addition to the great Rangers that played there, I got to see with my own eyes Cal Ripken Jr, Ken Griffey Jr, Mike Trout, Pedro Martinez, Derek Jeter, and many more greats play there.

As an Arlington resident, I voted for the new stadium, and I can't wait to watch some baseball in a climate controlled venue. But The Ballpark is a special place, and I'm sad to see it go.

Now, back to football.

Week 3
12-Year-Old: 10-6
Uncle J: 7-9
JDaddy: 7-9
CDog: 4-12

12-Year-Old: 27-21
Uncle J: 27-21
CDog: 23-25
JDaddy: 21-27

On to Week 4...

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Week 3 2019 NFL Picks Against a 12-Year-Old

Wow, what a start for Uncle J. His 9-7 record in Week 2, gets him to an impressive 20-12 overall. It's a good start for all of us, actually. Even JDaddy back in last isn't that far back, and a nice couple of weeks will get him back up in contention.

I can't believe that what is keeping me in 2nd place is that the Jets' quarterback got mono. As a fellow mono survivor myself, I can't believe I picked a team who is missing a quarterback because of mono. What an idiot I am.

In Week 3 we also finally found what it would take for JDaddy to bet against the Cowboys. A 21 point line.

Week 2
Uncle J: 9-7
12-Year-Old: 9-7
CDog: 8-8
JDaddy: 7-9

Uncle J: 20-12
CDog: 19-13
12-Year-Old: 17-15
JDaddy: 14-18

On to Week 3...

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Week 2 2019 NFL Picks Against a 12-Year-Old

Week 1 of the 2019 season has come and gone. Lots of lopsided scores, but I gotta say, here in The Cheap Seats we all finished somewhere between Ok and Really Well.

2 of us went 11-5, and the worst finish was 7-9. That just means we're due for a let down in week 2.

Week 1
CDog: 11-5
Uncle J: 11-5
12-Year-Old: 8-8
JDaddy: 7-9

CDog: 11-5
Uncle J: 11-5
12-Year-Old: 8-8
JDaddy: 7-9

If you want to know why CDog gets listed above Uncle J even though we both finished with the same record, it's simple:

CDog still works for a living and still manages the picks each week. When you write the blog while on the clock you get to do whatever you want.

Long Live The King

On to Week 2...

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Week 1 2019 NFL Picks Against a 12-Year-Old

Can you believe it? We are in our 9th season of picking games against a kid. Before long, the kid won't be a kid.

We started this when he was 4 years old. He's now about to turn 12 (next week), plays baseball in another town, and is almost as tall as his mother. Don't tell her I told you that.

As we embark on Year 9, lets get a refresher on how our seasons have gone in the past. Here are the number of championships for each of us.

The Kid - 3
CDog - 2
JDaddy - 2
Uncle J - 1

To be fair, Uncle J didn't start until our second season.

JDaddy took the crown last year. Will he repeat or will someone else jump up?

Friday, September 6, 2019

The Winner of the 2018 NFL Picks Against a 11-Year-Old

I sat down to write the post for Week 1 of the 2019 Pick 'Em season, and realized I never wrote a post about who won last year!

My bad. I offer up my humblest apologies. If you still care about last season, here is how we finished up.

The big winner was.....


Week 17
JDaddy: 12-4
CDog: 11-5
11-Year-Old: 9-7
Uncle J: 5-11

JDaddy: 132-117-7
11-Year-Old: 117-132-7
Uncle J: 117-132-7
CDog: 116-133-7

This was JDaddy's second career championship. The leaderboard is as follows:

The Kid: 3
CDog: 2
JDaddy: 2
Uncle J: 1

Lets hope that the last post of the 2019 season actually gets written in 2019!