Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Prayers for Boston

The Cheap Seats want to send a thought and a prayer to all of the people affected by the cowardly bombing in Boston. Truly one of America's great cities, on a day meant as a world wide celebration, was attacked by those who believe America and Americans can be intimidated.

 Those people need to get a grip!!!!!

We predict that next year we will see the largest celebration of Patriot's day in the history of Boston! Bless all of those who lost loved ones and those who have been injured and thank God for the heroes on the scene.

Some say it is just sport. But ask yourself when it was you last heard the national anthem. It was at a sporting event. Sports can be trivial and it can begin the healing process. Last night at Yankee Stadium, the song "Sweet Caroline" was played between innings as a tribute to Boston. Yankee fans sang long and loud as they also passed on their best just as Red Sox fans had done during the 9/11 aftermath.

It was a class gesture by a class organization. And even in Yankee Stadium, as was the case around the country for a moment we are all Red Sox fans.