Friday, September 27, 2013

Week 4 NFL Picks Against a 6-Year-Old

Sorry this is getting out late.  I was out of wifi and cell range (the horror!).  But it was for a trip to Sand Hills so I suppose it was all worth it.

As for the actual football pickem....oh my.  What a week.  We reached an all-time low I believe.  But the kid is now tied for the lead with JDaddy, who is still living off of his Great Week 1.  Lets hope for better this week.

And it's not too late to participate in or donate to our Diabetes Walk and Spaghetti Dinner!  What the world needs less of are diabetic kids beating old men in picking football games.  So JDaddy, Uncle J, and I better do better, or there needs to be a cure to Diabetes.

Last Week
6-Year-Old: 7-8-1
Uncle J: 6-9-1
JDaddy: 5-10-1
CDog: 2-13-1 (for real)

6-Year-Old: 24-22-2
JDaddy: 24-22-2
Uncle J: 20-26-2
CDog: 18-28-2

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Week 3 NFL Picks Against a 6-Year-Old

Order was restored last week as I rebounded from a rough start to dominate the league.  I was actually 12-2 at one point but missed the Sunday and Monday night games.  I needed a good week since 3 of us finished over .500 for the week.  Uncle J almost got us to a clean sweep.  

The kid had a great week too.  10-6 gets him to 17-14-1 for the season.

Now, a quick plug.  As many of you know, the kid has Type 1 Diabetes.  Each year we participate in the Walk to Cure Diabetes through the Fort Worth Chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.  If you would like to get involved, please visit our team's website.  Thanks!

Back to football...

Last Week
CDog: 12-4
6-Year-Old: 10-6
JDaddy: 9-7
Uncle J: 7-9

JDaddy: 19-12-1
6-Year-Old: 17-14-1
CDog: 16-15-1
Uncle J: 14-17-1

Friday, September 13, 2013

Week 2 NFL Picks Against a 6-Year Old

So much going on in the world today.  What to do in Syria?  Should you sign up for Obamacare?  Julie Chen's eyes aren't real.  But here at the Cheap Seats we'll worry about that another day.  Because it's time to see if we're smarter than a Kindergartner.  The first week went very well for one of us (JDaddy), but not so well for others (me).  The kid did ok, picking just less than half of the games correctly.

Regular readers know that when it comes to the Cowboys, there are 3 homers in our group who never pick against them.  6 turnovers later, they (barely) were correct last week.

Week 1
JDaddy: 10-5-1
6-Year-Old: 7-8-1
Uncle J: 7-8-1
CDog: 4-11-1

Friday, September 6, 2013

Week 1 NFL Picks Against a 6-Year-Old

We are back!  It has been a while since we've taken to this blog, but with football season around the corner, it is time to get back to our annual tradition of picking football games against a little kid.

The kid is now 6 (or at least he will be next week), and he is learning more and more about sports.  He knows if Jeff Baker or David Murphy should be playing left field based on which hand the starting pitcher throws with, and he can tell who is batting based on their stance.  But, football is a different story.  He's still learning the game.

To recap, there will be four of us competing: me, the kid, JDaddy, and Uncle J.  The first year we did this, the kid won.  Last year, it was yours truly that blew away the competition.  But the kid was 1 win away from a .500 finish.  Not too bad and exactly where you would expect him to finish considering his picks are pretty much random.

After the jump, find out our 2013 Week 1 Picks