Thursday, March 31, 2011

CDog Talks Sports

Last night I took my son to Clay Gould Field in Arlington because the Texas A&M Aggies were visiting the UT-Arlington Mavericks. The Aggies won 7-4 in 10 innings, and I came away with two observations.

 First, do college kids get younger every year? I suppose they don't and that I'm just getting older, but I was sitting 30 feet behind the Aggies dugout and they looked like babies.Here was a Top 10 team in the NCAA and every guy looks like he weights about 160 pounds and is 15 years old. They look like the greatest Pony League team in history.

Second, I am amazed at how everyone blindly follows the 7th inning stretch tradition. Think about it. No matter what you're doing or how the game is going or if you're tired or if you have a 3-year old with you, you stand up and move around a little. Why? You have the freedom to stand and stretch at any time in the game. It's not like a church service where everyone will stare at you if you decide to go for a stroll around the ballpark in the top of the 4th.

Yesterday, when the top of the 7th ended, the guy next to me was concentrating on his phone. When the Stretch started he stood, still looking at his phone until the Stretch was over. He then sat down, still looking at his phone when the bottom of the 7th began.

 Why did he even bother to stand? Because we're supposed to. That's why