Saturday, September 29, 2018

Week 4 2018 NFL Picks Against An 11 Year Old

After 3 weeks the NFL has proven to be difficult to predict. Buffalo beating Minnesota? Detroit beating New England? Obviously, the fact that our amazing prognosticators are all below .500 means that it's the league that's all screwed up. Not us.


Week 3
11-Year-Old: 8-8
CDog: 8-8
Uncle J: 6-10
JDaddy: 5-11

11-Year-Old: 23-24-1
JDaddy: 21-26-1
Uncle J: 18-29-1
CDog: 17-30-1

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Week 3 2018 NFL Picks Against an 11 Year Old

Not much time to expand on my thoughts, but JDaddy has leapfrogged into a slight lead!

Week 2
JDaddy: 10-6
11-Year-Old: 8-8
Uncle J: 7-9
CDog: 5-11

JDaddy: 16-15-1
11-Year-Old: 15-16-1
Uncle J: 12-19-1
CDog: 9-22-1

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Week 2 2018 NFL Picks Against An 11-Year-Old

Week 1 had a lot of unexpected results. Or maybe we're just not very good at picking games. Hopefully we get this thing turned around in a hurry!

The Kid has jumped out to an early lead. But what does he know?

Week 1
11-Year-Old: 7-8-1
JDaddy: 6-9-1
Uncle J: 5-10-1
CDog: 4-11-1

11-Year-Old: 7-8-1
JDaddy: 6-9-1
Uncle J: 5-10-1
CDog: 4-11-1

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Week 1 2018 NFL Picks Against an 11-Year-Old

It's 99 degrees today in Arlington, TX. Who's ready for some football?!

Our pick 'em contest against a kid continues on for its 8th season, and this time The Kid is firmly a pre-teen. What does that mean? It means that he sometimes makes his picks with a sneer. :)

I'm joking. Sort of.

Anyway, yours truly won his second championship last year by holding off Uncle J down the stretch.

Overall, The Kid leads with the most championships with 3. Uncle J and JDaddy have each won once.

Whether the North Texas weather cools down or not, it's finally football season. Lets get to it!