Friday, November 30, 2012

Week 13 NFL Picks Against a 5-Year-Old

Under the gun today, so just a couple of quick notes.
  • The kid had a nice bounce back week with 9 correct picks.  Every time he looks like he's out of it he comes roaring back.  He's back to within striking distance of .500.
  • I interrupted the kid from playing with his toys when we ran down the list of games last week.  He wasn't paying much attention and picked the home teams for all the games (except for Carolina, which is his favorite team).  Turned out to be a decent strategy.
  • Uncle J had a rough week.  I had a very good week.  The 1st place lead is now 7 games.
  • My strategy in picking Cowboys games continues to pay dividends.
  • JDaddy is hanging in there!

Week 12 Results
CDog: 11-3-2
5-Year-Old: 9-5-2
JDaddy: 7-7-2
Uncle J: 5-9-2

Overall Results
CDog: 95-76-5
Uncle J: 88-83-5
5-Year-Old: 84-87-5
JDaddy: 81-90-5

Week 13 Picks

GameJDaddyCDog5 Year OldUncle J
New Orleans (+3.5) at AtlantaNew OrleansAtlantaAtlantaAtlanta
Seattle (+3.5) at ChicagoChicagoSeattleChicagoChicago
Minnesota (+8) at Green BayGreen BayMinnesotaGreen BayMinnesota
San Francisco (-7) at St. LouisSan FranciscoSan FranciscoSt. LouisSan Francisco
Arizona (+4.5) at NY JetsNY JetsNY JetsNY JetsNY Jets
Carolina (-3) at Kansas CityCarolinaCarolinaCarolinaCarolina
Indianapolis (+4.5) at DetroitDetroitIndianapolisDetroitDetroit
Jacksonville (+5.5) at BuffaloJacksonvilleBuffaloJacksonvilleBuffalo
New England (-7.5) at MiamiNew EnglandMiamiMiamiNew England
Houston (-6) at TennesseeHoustonHoustonTennesseeHouston
Tampa Bay (+7) at DenverDenverDenverDenverTampa Bay
Pittsburgh (+8) at BaltimorePittsburghPittsburghBaltimoreBaltimore
Cleveland (PK) at OaklandOaklandClevelandOaklandCleveland
Cincinnati (-2.5) at San DiegoCincinnatiCincinnatiSan DiegoCincinnati
Philadelphia (+10) at DallasDallasPhiladelphiaDallasDallas
NY Giants (-2.5) at WashingtonWashingtonNY GiantsWashingtonNY Giants

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Polar Bears Win! and Words From Woody

Last Friday I found myself at "Goat Field" in Groesbeck, Texas. After a 34 year absence I was about to see the Frost Polar Bears (my high school team) play football. The last time had been in 1978 and from 1970-73 I had been a member of the team myself. But I was here for this year's team. Frost was in the playoffs and would be facing a team that had beaten them 53-0 last year.

And it was a terrific game. The Polar Bears won 16-12 with a goal line stand as time was running out. The team will now move on to the next level this Friday against the Mount Enterprise Wildcats. The Polar Bears stand 11-1 and the eleven wins are the second most in school history.

With me at the game was my son, son-in-law, and two of my grandsons. None of them attended Frost, but they joined in the excitement with me. I travel home and attend High School games each Thanksgiving weekend, once taking in 5 in a two day period. But this year for the first time, one of those games was played by the Bears! I wrote once about my love of Polar Bear football. I found last Friday that even as time and distance got in the way, I still feel the same.

I saw my sixth grade girlfriend Vickie, and Keith Speer who was one of those Polar Bears I looked up to as a kid. I am sure there were folks there I did not recognize or who did not recognize me. But there were mostly new names and families That I did not know or they me.

But on my side of "Goat Field" we were all cheering for the blue and white with their punishing running game and motivated young coach, Eric Blenden. But none were cheering louder than my high school teammate and friend Gary Woods. Gary was a two time All District selection when we played, and his son Woody plays for the Polar Bears (and scored the night's first TD). I had made plans to touch base with him and caught him just before game time. I am pretty sure Gary is a motivated parent and is probably hoarse after every game. We did catch a glimpse of each other during the game somehow we were teammates again.

To top it off, I got to meet Woody after the game and told him how happy I was for them and wished them well. He shook my hand and said he had heard a lot about me. (Uh-Oh). But as I hugged him and told him bye, he looked at me and said "Once a Polar Bear, always a Polar Bear". Not sure if this kid will even remember he said it..... But I sure will.

Go Polar Bears!

Woody and Gary


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Week 12 NFL Picks Against a 5-Year-Old - Thanksgiving Edition

Much like the NFL's version of Week 11, our Week 11 picks were listless and uninspiring.  3 of us finished 7-7 and the other one finished 6-8.  Kind of like watching a Cleveland/Dallas overtime "thriller."

Speaking of the Cowboys, I'm trying to formulate a post at just how far the Cowboys have fallen on my radar.  It's a sad realization when it dawns on you that you're just not a "die-hard" like you used to be.  But I'm at that point, for various reasons, and hopefully I'll be able to explain in a coherent manner.

But this week is not the week to dwell on those things.  It's the season of the year where we take time to say what we're thankful for.  So here are my top 5 things I'm currently thankful for in the sports world.

5. Keith Olbermann

Yeah, I can't believe it either.  It's amazing how much I dislike his commentary on one subject, but love his commentary on another.  MLB Network needs more Keith Olbermann.  He and Brian Kenny were such greatness on Tuesday morning's version of  Hot Stove.

4.The NHL Lockout
Maybe it's cause I'm getting more cynical as I get older, but watching one group of people that has lost touch with the reality of the world battling another group of people that has lost touch with the reality of the world really makes my day.  I guess if the lockout brings more stability to the support then it's a good thing, but does anyone really think that's the case?

3. Dirk Nowitzki

Hurry back, big fella.

2. Melky Cabrera and Bartolo Colon

It's good to know that users of PEDs really feel the pain of their decisions and don't profit from the outlying seasons that PEDs helped create.

1. Johnny Football

No surprise here.  He looks like Brick Heck and he's in line to be the first Aggie Heisman winner since John David Crow.  I can't wait until 2016 when he gets the Tebow coverage from ESPN.

Back to the picks.  You'll notice that there are two races forming.  The kid better watch out.  He's about to get passed.

Week 11 Results
CDog: 7-7
Uncle J: 7-7
JDaddy: 7-7
5-Year-Old: 6-8

Overall Results
CDog: 84-73-3
Uncle J: 83-74-3
5-Year-Old: 75-82-3

Friday, November 16, 2012

Week 11 NFL Picks Against a 5-Year-Old

Wow.  What a week.  For me at least.  The first 8 games on our list went into the win column.  My 11 correct picks are a personal best, I think.  I haven't gone back to actually check, but I think that I would have remembered 11 wins.

The poor kid took a step back today.  After climbing out of the hole to get close to .500 he had a rough week.

And JDaddy.  I mean, ummm.  Maybe he got a concussion too.

Week 10
CDog: 11-3
Uncle J: 7-7
5-Year-Old: 5-9
JDaddy: 5-9

CDog: 77-66-3
Uncle J: 76-67-3
5-Year-Old: 69-74-3
JDaddy: 67-76-3

Week 11 Picks

GameJDaddyCDog5 Year OldUncle J
Miami (+1.5) at BuffaloBuffaloMiamiMiamiBuffalo
Philadelphia (+3.5) at WashingtonWashingtonWashingtonWashingtonWashington
Green Bay (-3.5) at DetroitDetroitGreen BayDetroitGreen Bay
Arizona (+10) at AtlantaAtlantaArizonaArizonaArizona
Tampa Bay (-1.5) at CarolinaTampa BayTampa BayCarolinaCarolina
Cleveland (+8) at DallasDallasClevelandDallasDallas
NY Jets (+3.5) at St. LouisSt. LouisSt. LouisSt. LouisSt. Louis
Indianapolis (+9) at New EnglandIndianapolisIndianapolisNew EnglandIndianapolis
Jacksonville (+15.5) at HoustonJacksonvilleJacksonvilleHoustonJacksonville
Cincinnati (-3.5) at Kansas CityCincinnatiCincinnatiKansas CityKansas City
New Orleans (-5) at OaklandNew OrleansOaklandOaklandNew Orleans
San Diego (+7.5) at DenverDenverDenverSan DiegoDenver
Baltimore (-3.5) at PittsburghBaltimoreBaltimorePittsburghBaltimore
Chicago (+5) at San FranciscoSan FranciscoChicagoSan FranciscoSan Francisco

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Week 10 NFL Picks Against a 5-Year-Old

What a week we just had!  I'm not talking about Election 2012, but instead I'm talking about our Week 9 picks.  Uncle J was brought back to life-and the lead-with an 11-3 week.  JDaddy continues his slow climb out of the pit of despair with a 10-4 week.  The kid finished over .500 as well.  I was the only one dragging us back, but I'm still on the good side of break-even for the season.

If you go through our list from last week, Uncle J picked the first 9 games correctly.  Can he keep it up?

Here's how the picks went last week.

Week 9
Uncle J: 11-3
JDaddy: 10-4
5-Year-Old: 8-6
CDog: 6-8

Uncle J: 69-60-3
CDog: 66-63-3
5-Year-Old: 64-65-3
JDaddy: 62-67-3

Week 10 Picks

GameJDaddyCDog5 Year OldUncle J
Indianapolis (-3.5) at JacksonvilleIndianapolisIndianapolisJacksonvilleIndianapolis
Buffalo (+11) at New EnglandNew EnglandBuffaloNew EnglandNew England
NY Giants (-4) at CincinnatiNY GiantsCincinattieNY GiantsNY Giants
San Diego (+3) at Tampa BayTampa BayTampa BayTampa BayTampa Bay
Denver (-4) at CarolinaDenverDenverCarolinaDenver
Tennessee (+6) at MiamiMiamiTennesseeMiamiTennessee
Oakland (+7.5) at BaltimoreOaklandBaltimoreBaltimoreOakland
Atlanta (-2.5) at New OrleansAtlantaAtlantaNew OrleansAtlanta
Detroit (-2.5) at MinnesotaDetroitMinnesotaDetroitMinnesota
NY Jets (+6) at SeattleSeattleSeattleSeattleNY Jets
Dallas (-1.5) at PhiladelphiaDallasPhiladelphiaDallasDallas
St. Louis (+11.5) at San FranciscoSan FranciscoSt. LouisSan FranciscoSt. Louis
Houston (+1) at ChicagoChicagoHoustonChicagoChicago
Kansas City (+12.5) at PittsburghPittsburghPittsburghPittsburghPittsburgh

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Week 9 NFL Picks Against a 5-Year-Old

I hope everyone had a great Halloween.  The 5-year-old went as Mario.  What's funny is that to me, Mario is a little plumber that likes mushrooms and saving princesses, but to the 5-year-old, Mario is a racecar driver.  He'll never understand how awesome this is.

Speaking of Halloween, Uncle J's picks were pretty scary last week.  After dominating through 7 weeks, he took a nose dive in Week 8.  4-10 has landed him in second place, with the kid breathing down his neck.  JDaddy continues his long climb out of the hole.

Lastly, the war zone has a new face, as TJ Kool has shown up on the scene.  If you want to keep up, you can check out his thoughts here.

Here's how the picks went last week.

Week 8
JDaddy: 8-6
CDog: 8-6
5-Year-Old: 7-7
Uncle J: 4-10

CDog: 60-55-3
Uncle J: 58-57-3
5-Year-Old: 56-59-3
JDaddy: 52-63-3