Thursday, December 26, 2013

Week 17 NFL Picks Against a 6-Year-Old

It's time to determine a champion.  After 16 weeks, we've come down to Week 17 and JDaddy needing to make up 4 games to tie, 5 to win.  The bad news for JDaddy is that he and the kid only picked different winners in 5 games, so JDaddy needs to make a clean sweep in those games. 

If the kid wins, that will make 2 out of the 3 years that we've done this that he has won the league.

Happy New Year!

Week 16
JDaddy: 8-8
Uncle J: 8-8
CDog: 8-8
6-Year-Old: 6-10

6-Year-Old: 121-113-6
JDaddy: 117-117-6
Uncle J: 112-122-6
CDog: 106-128-6

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Week 16 NFL Picks Against a 6-Year-Old

After last week's Cowboys debacle I had decided to write my feelings on how the team has turned someone like me, who cares too much for my teams, into an apathetic fan who shrugs his shoulders, smirks at the ridiculousness of it, and goes on about my day whenever the team loses.  And it's not just losses.  I've gotten to where I don't care all that much about wins.  Cool, the Cowboys won, now what are we doing for dinner around here?  That's what a .500 team for the last 18 years turns their fans into.  I can't imagine I'm alone in this.  There used to be a time where you could feel a difference in the air after a Cowboys loss.  Not anymore.  As a fan of one of the two most prestigious American professional teams, it's sad at how mediocre the Cowboys have become. 

But that paragraph is all I can get out right now.  I still need to gather my thoughts on the subject so I don't sound like I'm rambling.  Quite frankly, I can't even find enough passion in the team to even work up the energy to write a post.  It's not like anything is going to change.  We're being held hostage by a front office that refuses to improve itself. 

So I'll give them the last two games to see if anything changes.  I'm guessing not.  There's no excuse to lose to Washington, but they'll probably lose to the Eagles.  And that will make three straight 8-8 seasons.  No better definition of mediocre than that.

Speaking of mediocre, the adults in this league can barely reach that threshold.  The kid expanded his lead this week.  He and JDaddy picked a different team in 8 games this week.  JDaddy needs to make those count.

Merry Christmas!

Week 15
Uncle J: 10-6
6-Year-Old: 7-9
CDog: 7-9
JDaddy: 5-11

6-Year-Old: 115-103-6
JDaddy: 109-109-6
Uncle J: 104-114-6
CDog: 98-120-6

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Week 15 NFL Picks Against a 6-Year-Old

As we come down the stretch there are two races in play.  The first is between the kid and JDaddy for first place.  The other race is for 3rd.  After a miserable start to the season, I have been catching up to Uncle J.  Either that or he is falling back to 4th.  But does it really matter?  We're both having terrible seasons.

It's going to be a great finish, even if we are all 0-1 so far this week.

Week 14
JDaddy: 9-7
6-Year-Old: 7-9
CDog: 6-10
Uncle J: 5-11

6-Year-Old: 108-94-6
JDaddy: 104-98-6
Uncle J: 94-108-6
CDog: 91-111-6

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Week 14 NFL Picks Against a 6-Year-Old

This winter (or late fall) storm has thrown me off.  Despite sitting at home looking for stuff to do, I forgot to get these out until tonight.  JDaddy put himself in striking distance with a good week last week.  But it looks like the kid is going to have to come back to the pack for someone else to have a chance. 

By the way, for anyone wondering, the definition of cabin fever is enduring a Texas ice storm with two little kids in the house.  Forget braving the streets in my car.  I'll walk to Walmart to get the last loaf of bread in the store.  At least that would take a couple of extra hours.

Week 13
JDaddy: 10-6
6-Year-Old: 8-8
CDog: 8-8
Uncle J: 6-10

6-Year-Old: 101-85-6
JDaddy: 95-91-6
Uncle J: 89-97-6
CDog: 85-101-6