Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Kevin Durant - Let the Good Times Roll

I love this dude, and I love this commercial.  Is there any doubt that Kevin Durant would actually do something like this?  I love my Mavs and still can't believe they're the champs, but if they had not made it past the Lakers, I would have loved to root the Thunder on.  This Nike "Basketball Never Stops" commercial, backed by Sam Cooke's Let The Good Time Roll is all it took to get me ready for hoops.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

6 Man Football and a Night in Hico, Texas

While played in several states, and developed in 1934 by Coach Stephen Epler of Chester High School in Nebraska, the state of Texas is the epicenter of 6 Man Football. In 2009, there were just under 200 teams who played 6 Man. It is a variation of the 11 man football most of us are familiar with, especially developed for the small schools in rural areas who can not field a larger team. If you are interested take a minute and go to to get a feel for how the game is played. But the unique rules are a small part of what makes 6 Man special.

I took the picture in this article on November 24th, 2011 In Hico, Texas. A small city who's citizens believe that a local named "Brushy" Bill Roberts was, in reality  the outlaw "Billy the Kid". In fact there is a "Billy the Kid" Museum in the heart of Hico. The team in the white is from Lometa, Texas and they are about to kick an extra point as their playoff game against the Abbott Panthers was coming to an end. The kick was successful and it meant the team had just posted a score of 100. The problem is,their Panther opponents had already scored 118. The 218 points tied the highest score recorded in 6 Man but will be ranked second as the Trent Gorillas 132-86 win against the Novice Hornets ended due to the "Mercy Rule" after 3 1/2 quarters. And as high scoring as this match-up was, the preceding game earlier in the evening resulted in a 72-22 Richland Springs win over the Calvert Trojans. That game was called at halftime due to the same "Mercy Rule".

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Week 12 NFL Predictions - Experts Vs. a 4-Year-Old

Holiday schedules have forced me to hand the reigns over to JDaddy for this week's commentary.  I'm sure you all will be pleased.

And before we give last weeks results and this week's picks, CDog and I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. "Our View From The Cheap Seats" has been read in countries all over the world and we appreciate you taking the time to check us out. We have a great time doing this and would love to hear from you wherever you may be.

We want to give special thanks to our men and women in Uniform, and especially a young PFC and his family now stationed at Ft. Lewis, Washington. I can't give his street name due to national security, but we are sure proud of them.

OK... I am sure it is no surprise, but the kid won again. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result..... This is driving us crazy.

Last Week
JDaddy: 5-7-2
CDog: 5-7-2
4-Year-Old: 7-5-2

JDaddy: 73-79-8
CDog: 71-81-8
4-Year-Old: 78-74-8

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Week 11 NFL Predictions - Experts Vs. a 4-Year-Old

Remember what I wrote about being happy the NBA is locked out?  Well I've changed my mind.  I need my basketball.  There is nothing but hockey and mid-major college football to watch during the week.  I get that the Stars are playing well, and I get that the University of Houston has a great quarterback, but come on.  Do they really count?

As for the Week 10 picks, the 4-year-old won AGAIN.  Unbelievable.  Well, not really unbelievable.  I'm used to it by now.  The big change was for the runner-up.  I had a bad week, and JDaddy went 8-8, which leaves me in 3rd place.  After the bad Week 9 from the kid, I'm still having trouble keeping up.

Last Week
JDaddy: 8-8
CDog: 6-10
4-Year-Old: 9-7

JDaddy: 68-72-6
CDog: 66-74-6
4-Year-Old: 71-69-6

Sunday, November 13, 2011

National League Most Valuable Batsman

Last week we announced Miguel Cabrera as our Most Valuable Batsman in The American League. Cabrera edged out Yankees All Star, Curtis Granderson by a "Cheap Seat Score" of 1024.9 to 1024.3.

In the National League, our winner led the field by a wider margin. With very little fan fare and more attention being paid to the plight of his franchise, he ended the year with the highest score of any player in either league.

Our National Leaguers averaged 97 Runs, 172 Hits, 31 Home Runs, 106 RBIs, .302 Batting Average and an OPS of .925

Our National League Batsman of the Year is..........................................

Friday, November 11, 2011

Marty Ray - Check This Guy Out!


Marty Ray has one of the most unique new sounds around.  JDaddy met Marty this morning at a Veteran's Day tribute.  Great guy and great music.  Click the pic or go to his page on ReverbNation to see more about Marty Ray.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Week 10 NFL Predictions - Experts Vs. a Four-Year-Old

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a race!  After a great start to Week 9, the weekend fell apart for the 4-Year-Old.  He missed the last 9 games on the schedule.  Combined with a better-usual-week from me and JDaddy are within 2 games of the kid.

The picks are getting out earlier since there is a Thursday game this week.  Surprisingly, the 4-year-old took several visiting teams.  He usually likes home teams.  He also picked against the Steelers.  That's a rarity.  In addition, JDaddy and I picked 12 games the same way.  The kid went against us 8 times.  He doesn't tend to have consecutive bad weeks, so load up on those 8 picks.

Last Week
JDaddy: 8-6
CDog: 7-7
4-Year-Old: 4-10

JDaddy: 60-64-6
CDog: 60-64-6
4-Year-Old: 62-62-6

Monday, November 7, 2011

"The Cheap Seats" Announces The 2011 Major League Baseball Most Valuable Batsman

The wait is over as CDog and JDaddy reveal the long awaited "Most Valuable Batsman" for the 2011
Major League Baseball season. Using a top secret calculation that is kept in the same vault as the Coca-Cola formula and recipe for Kentucky Friday Chicken, point totals are given for several offensive categories as compiled by MLB. Only JDaddy, CDog and their Himalayan spiritual advisor Rossbanya Benifucci know the results.This week we will announce the American League winner with the National League winner coming next week.

To qualify, a player had to be in the top 5 of one of our categories (Runs, Hits, Doubles, Triples, HRs, RBIs, BB, Avg, OBP, SLG PCT., OPS) 

Our top 10  A.L. finalist averaged 107 runs, 38 doubles, and 31 home runs. In addition they batted a composite .302 and a .925 OPS.

Follow the jump to see this years winner and final top 10.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Week 9 NFL Predictions - Experts vs. a Four-Year-Old

Well, whadaya know?  Me, not a lot about football.  I was on a roll last week until the late games started.  The homer in me bit me in the behind, but then again all three of us picked Dallas to cover against Philly.  Fortunately, by the time I had witnessed a baseball collapse the Red Sox would be proud of and a football collapse in a style that the Aggies should copyright as all their own, I didn't have much emotional energy left to care about the Cowboys.

And not to add salt to the wound, but the Mavericks should have received their rings this week, but alas, it was not meant to be.  But take heart!  Because whenever the NBA does start back, this guy plays for us:


Now, please keep watching that video and pay no attention to the results of the Week 8 picks behind the curtain.

Last Week
JDaddy: 5-8
CDog: 6-7
4-Year-Old: 8-5

JDaddy: 52-58-6
CDog: 53-57-6
4-Year-Old: 58-52-6

Follow me for this week's picks.