Saturday, November 25, 2017

Week 12 2017 NFL Picks Against a 10-Year-Old

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Uncle J continues his dominance. With 6 weeks to go, he has a 7 game lead. If you want to follow a close race, check out The Kid to see if he can crawl out of the basement in these last few weeks.

Week 11
Uncle J: 9-4-1
10-Year-Old: 8-5-1
CDog: 7-6-1
JDaddy: 5-8-1

Uncle J: 90-63-6
CDog: 83-70-6
JDaddy: 72-81-6
10-Year-Old: 71-82-6

Friday, November 17, 2017

Week 11 2017 NFL Picks Against A 10-Year-Old

Whew. Mama said there'd be days like this. JDaddy's 7-6-1 week 10 kept us from really stinking up the joint, but the rest of us were terrible. Uncle J still managed to stretch his lead to 5 games. We're getting to the point in the season where it's getting harder to catch up. We've all got some work to do!

Week 10
JDaddy: 7-6-1
Uncle J: 5-8-1
CDog: 4-9-1
10-Year-Old: 3-10-1

Uncle J: 81-59-5
CDog: 76-64-5
JDaddy: 67-73-5
10-Year-Old: 63-77-5

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Week 10 2017 NFL Picks Against A 10-Year-Old

It only took us 7 years, but we finally have honed our craft to the point that we know what we're doing.

A little look behind the curtain: we pick the Thursday game before I type this post, so we already know how we stand after 1 game. This past Thursday, with the Seahawks 6 point favorites, the Cardinals were down by 12 and driving for a late meaningless touchdown. With 24 seconds left they scored a touchdown. Great news! The Kid and I both picked the Cards, so once this PAT goes through, the Cardinals will cover, and we'll be off to a great start to Week 10. Except the PAT was blocked.

The lesson? Once again, betting on football is dumb.

Week 9
Uncle J: 8-4-1
10-Year-Old: 8-4-1
CDog: 7-5-1
JDaddy: 7-5-1

Uncle J: 76-51-4
CDog: 72-55-4
JDaddy: 60-67-4
10-Year-Old: 60-67-4

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Week 9 2017 NFL Picks Against A 10-Year-Old

Another week, another win for Uncle J. I think this is the best 8-week showing we've ever had in The Cheap Seats.

Week 8
Uncle J: 8-5
CDog: 7-6
10-Year-Old: 7-6
JDaddy: 6-7

Uncle J: 68-47-3
CDog: 65-50-3
JDaddy: 53-62-3
10-Year-Old: 52-63-3