Thursday, April 7, 2011

Free Barry Bonds!!!!!!!! ---- JDaddy

It is time we men banded together and marched on the federal courthouse and demanded that Barry Bonds is freed immediately! Yeah, I know he is not a sympathetic character. A self centered son of a major league star (Bobby Bonds) who himself was so self absorbed that he once stood in center field, arms folded with no intention of making a play due to his being angry with his manager.

Bonds had it all and we hated him for it. That is unless we were Pirate or Giants fans. Off the field he had little use for teammates, but within the park many of those who played with him, respected the work ethic mixed with talent that produced one of the best all around baseball players in history.

But then, the race to be more than natural began. We cheered McGwire, we fawned over Sammy and we were dazzled with the Rocket's fastball. But for some reason, we hated Bonds. We hated him because he knew how good he was and he knew that we  knew how good he was. Oh yeah, there were so many reasons then and so many now that make us want to say "Lock him up and throw away the key".

But how much more can any man take. In public testimony, his former girlfriend Kimberly Bell said that during their relationship, the use of steroids caused Bonds to have the following;
1. Hair Loss
and Behind Door Number 4....... "SHRUNKEN TESTICLES"

I don't know about all of you, but once the size of my testicles becomes the subject of cross examination, it is Ball Game Over!!!!!!!

So the chant begins............... "Free Barry Bonds - Free Barry Bonds - Free Barry Bonds"


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