Friday, September 16, 2011

Week 2 NFL Predictions - Experts vs a Four-Year-Old

The first week wasn't great for JDaddy and CDog, as we were easily outpicked by the four-year-old.  It wasn't even close actually.  The breakdown:

JDaddy: 7-8-1
CDog: 4-11-1
Four-Year-Old: 11-4-1

That's right.  After 1 week, the four-year-old is 4 games in front.  For a kid that spent his entire week playing with his new Hot Wheels track I'd say he did pretty good.

So now we'll see if he can keep it up with the Week 2 picks.  There are some heavy favorites this week.  Maybe that will get JDaddy and CDog back in the game.  Or we'll be embarrassed once again.

On to the picks.

Week 2

GameJDaddyCDog4 Year Old
Chicago (+7) at New OrleansChicagoNew OrleansNew Orleans
Kansas City (+8.5) at DetroitKansas CityKansas CityKansas City
Jacksonville (+9.5) at NY JetsNY JetsJacksonvilleNY Jets
Oakland (+3) at BuffaloBuffaloBuffaloBuffalo
Arizona (+3.5) at WashingtonWashingtonArizonaArizona
Baltimore (-6) at TennesseeBaltimoreBaltimoreBaltimore
Seattle (+14) at PittsburghPittsburghPittsburghPittsburgh
Green Bay (-9.5) at CarolinaGreen BayCarolinaCarolina
Tampa Bay (+3.5) at MinnesotaMinnesotaTampa BayMinnesota
Cleveland (-2) at IndianapolisClevelandClevelandCleveland
Dallas (-3) at San FranciscoDallasDallasDallas
Houston (-3) at MiamiHoustonHoustonMiami
San Diego (+7) at New EnglandNewEnglandNew EnglandSan Diego
Cincinnati (+4) at DenverDenverDenverDenver
Philadelphia (-2.5) at AtlantaPhiladelphiaAtlantaPhiladelphia
St. Louis (+5.5) at NY GiantsNY GiantsNY GiantsNY Giants

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