Monday, December 5, 2011

Week 13 in the NFL - The JDaddy Rankings

Before the NFL season began, CDog came up with one of our most popular posts when he devised a formula that would be the gold standard of predicting the NFL season. There were even rumors that something so accurate could only be devised by using the ancient Mayan calendar.

And when you look back at his predictions, a Lion - Steelers Super Bowl does not seem as far fetched today as it may have at the beginning of the season. Thank goodness for that Texas A&M education! His next project will be to send our Dallas Cowboys a formula on when to and when not to call a time out!!!!!!!!!

But here we are in week 13 and 12 games under the belts of the contenders.You may remember the 1983 movie "War Games, the one where Ferris Bueller confused a computer named "WOPR" so much that it didn't know the difference between Tic-Tac-Toe and thermo-nuclear war. Well, we here at JDaddyDu have found a new use for "The WOPR", by plugging in some key data from the NFL. To qualify, the teams must be 1st or 2nd in their divisions and have a winning record. We would love to hear from you and give us your own rankings, but be careful........ The "WOPR" is watching!


Green Bay Packers - 68.416
New Orleans Saints - 61.250
San Francisco 49ers - 59.750
Detroit Lions - 58.500
Chicago Bears - 52.166
Atlanta Falcons - 47.333
Dallas Cowboys - 46.666
New York Giants - 46.555


Baltimore Ravens - 68.250
Pittsburgh Steelers - 61.916
New England Patriots - 61.416
Houston Texans - 60.416
New York Jets - 50.250
Tennessee Titans - 46.660
Denver Broncos - 43.416
Oakland Raiders - 43.083

The difference in the ratings would be what the "WOPR" predicts the point spread to be if the teams met in the playoffs. Steelers / Lions???? Packers / Ravens????

You think you know better?????? Let us know!

Back By Popular Demand!!!
Our Gratuitous NFL Cheerleader Picture of the Week!

"Trick or Treat"


Andy Lyons - Getty Images


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