Wednesday, April 25, 2012

JDaddy Hates RG III

Maybe "hate" is too strong a word but let's be honest about the current Heisman Trophy winner and former Baylor Bear.......... There are a lot of things not to like:

 1. Both Mom and Dad are US Veterans ....... (OMG!!!)

 2. Was a high school star in football,track,and basketball...... (Showoff!!!)

 3. Got his B.A. in only three years and working on his Masters... (Ruined curve for the rest of the kids!)

 4. As of April 24th he has a "Subway" sub statue made of chicken in his honor...( I like the Meatball Sub!)

 And of course;

Number 5.. The biggest reason to dislike Robert Griffin is that within hours he will be the next Quarterback of the WASHINGTON REDSKINS !!!!!!!!!!

Of all teams for RG III to end up with, the hated 'skins are a Dallas Cowboy fan's worst nightmare. I can even see some of our fair weathered  fans switching over to the dark side of the NFL.

But not JDaddy. Jerry makes me mad, Tony drives me crazy and our defense leaks more than a cheap rowboat. But it is my rowboat and will always be my rowboat. And I can't wait for Thursday, November 22nd when the Redskins come to town and the Cowboys send one of the classiest young quarterbacks to ever come out of the great state of Texas back home with a Thanksgiving Day loss.

So maybe we don't hate RG III, but I am sure not looking forward to the Cowboys facing him twice a year for years down the road................. JDaddy


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