Friday, October 26, 2012

Week 8 NFL Picks Against a 5-Year-Old

Welcome to the game, JDaddy.  After 6 dreadful weeks, even by our standards, JDaddy arrived to win Week 7.  But just his luck, it wasn't the best week to finally break through.  For one, Uncle J got back in the groove to tie JDaddy for the best week.  Second, there were just 13 games last week and 2 of them ended up as pushes, so there were only 11 games to accurately pick.  It's hard to do much catch up when there aren't many games.

The kid finished last, but it wasn't a terrible week.  He's still lurking back there.

Lastly, I know that this is a football column, but I want everyone to meditate on the fact that Pablo Sandoval is now on the same sacred list as Babe Ruth, Reggie Jackson, and Albert Pujols.  The Mayans might be right after all.

Week 7
JDaddy: 7-4-2
Uncle J: 7-4-2
CDog: 6-5-2
5-Year-Old: 5-6-2

Uncle J: 54-47-3
CDog: 52-49-3
5-Year-Old: 49-52-3

Week 8 Picks

GameJDaddyCDog5 Year OldUncle J
Tampa Bay (+6.5) at MinnesotaMinnesotaTampa BayMinnesotaMinnesota
New England (-7) vs. St. Louis (in London)New EnglandNew EnglandNew EnglandNew England
Indianapolis (+3.5) at TennesseeTenneseeIndianapolisTennesseeTennessee
Jacksonville (+15.5) at Green BayGreen BayJacksonvilleGreen BayGreen Bay
San Diego (-2.5) at ClevelandClevelandClevelandClevelandSan Diego
Atlanta (+2.5) at PhiladelphiaAtlantaAtlantaPhiladelphiaPhiladelphia
Seattle (+2.5) at DetroitDetroitSeattleDetroitSeattle
Miami (+2.5) at NY JetsNY JetsNY JetsMiamiNY Jets
Carolina (+7.5) at ChicagoChicagoChicagoCarolinaCarolina
Washington (+4.5) at PittsburghPittsburghWashingtonPittsburghWashington
Oakland (+1) at Kansas CityOaklandKansas CityKansas CityOakland
NY Giants (-2) at DallasDallasNY GiantsDallasDallas
New Orleans (+6) at DenverDenverNew OrleansDenverNew Orleans
San Francisco (-6.5) at ArizonaSan FranciscoSan FranciscoArizonaSan Francisco


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