Thursday, September 19, 2013

Week 3 NFL Picks Against a 6-Year-Old

Order was restored last week as I rebounded from a rough start to dominate the league.  I was actually 12-2 at one point but missed the Sunday and Monday night games.  I needed a good week since 3 of us finished over .500 for the week.  Uncle J almost got us to a clean sweep.  

The kid had a great week too.  10-6 gets him to 17-14-1 for the season.

Now, a quick plug.  As many of you know, the kid has Type 1 Diabetes.  Each year we participate in the Walk to Cure Diabetes through the Fort Worth Chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.  If you would like to get involved, please visit our team's website.  Thanks!

Back to football...

Last Week
CDog: 12-4
6-Year-Old: 10-6
JDaddy: 9-7
Uncle J: 7-9

JDaddy: 19-12-1
6-Year-Old: 17-14-1
CDog: 16-15-1
Uncle J: 14-17-1

2013 Week 3 Picks

GameJDaddyCDog5 Year OldUncle J
Kansas City (+3) at PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPhiladelphia
San Diego (+3) at TennesseeSan DiegoSan DiegoSan DiegoSan Diego
Cleveland (+5.5) at MinnesotaMinnesotaMinnesotaMinnesotaMinnesota
Tampa Bay (+7) at New EnglandNew EnglandNew EnglandTampa BayTampa Bay
Houston (-2.5) at BaltimoreHoustonBaltimoreHoustonHouston
St. Louis (+3.5) at DallasDallasSt. LouisDallasDallas
Arizona (+7.5) at New OrleansArizonaArizonaNew OrleansNew Orleans
Detroit (+1.5) at WashingtonDetroitWashingtonDetroitDetroit
Cincinnati (+2) at Green BayGreen BayGreen BayGreen BayGreen Bay
NY Giants (+1.5) at CarolinaNY GiantsNY GiantsCarolinaNY Giants
Atlanta (+2) at MiamiAtlantaAtlantaMiamiAtlanta
Indianapolis (+10.5) at San FranciscoSan FranciscoSan FranciscoSan FranciscoIndianapolis
Jacksonville (+19.5) at SeattleSeattleJacksonvilleJacksonvilleJacksonville
Buffalo (+2.5) at NY JetsBuffaloBuffaloNY JetsNY Jets
Chicago (-2.5) at PittsburghPittsburghPittsburghPittsburghPittsburgh
Oakland (+14.5) at DenverDenverOaklandDenverDenver


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