Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The Winner of the 2017 NFL Picks Against a 10-Year-Old

Another season of pick 'ems against a kid have come and gone. Coming into the last week of the season, CDog (that's me) held a 3 game advantage over Uncle J. How did everyone fare?

The winner is.....


Uncle J and CDog only picked 4 games differently, which definitely helped me since we split those four games 2-2. The way it works is that I pick my games before I even send the picks to JDaddy, Uncle J, or the Kid.

This is the 2nd win for CDog in our 7 year history of doing this little exercise. Here is how we ended the season.

Week 17
CDog: 7-9
Uncle J: 7-9
JDaddy: 5-11
10-Year-Old: 4-12

CDog: 134-110-12
Uncle J: 131-113-12
JDaddy: 117-127-12
10-Year-Old: 110-134-12

Some other interesting notes:

  • CDog's 134 wins are the 2nd most in our history, bested only by his 137 wins in 2012.
  • This is only CDog's 2nd season to finish over .500, but when all seasons are combined he still has the most wins. I lose a lot, but win big, I guess
  • Uncle J's 131 wins are tied for the 3rd most in the history of the league.
  • The Kid has a rough season, but he still has more season victories that the rest of us with 3. I have the aforementioned 2, and Uncle J and JDaddy have 1 each.
  • All of us are under .500 for our career. Jerry still wouldn't fire us. We're good clappers and gum chewers.

  • When you look at our overall numbers, you have to split them into 2 groups since Uncle J didn't get in until Season 2.

    CDog: 860-874-58
    JDaddy: 848-886-58
    The Kid: 831-903-58

    CDog: 743-745-48
    Uncle J: 734-754-48
    JDaddy: 732-756-48
    The Kid: 710-778-48

    Thanks everyone for reading this year. See you in the Fall!


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