Saturday, January 7, 2012

Anyone Still Aware LSU And Alabama Have A Game?

Remember back when the college football regular season ended?  You might not, because a lot has gone on since then.  Things like Christmas and such.  Well, when the regular season ended there was a big controversy over who deserved to play in the BCS National Championship game.  LSU was a given, but their opponent was the subject of heated discussion.  Anyway, Alabama won out, and we looked forward to an SEC rematch with everything on the line.

But have you ever found yourself in a situation where you and your wife planned a Saturday night out, and you looked forward to it for a week, but as Saturday wore on you had so much going on that before you knew it, it was 7:30?  So you just say forget it, lets just split a frozen pizza and watch a movie?  You still end up having a good time together, but it ain't steak.

That's a long-winded, run-on type of feeling I have about the National Championship game.  In the 2 days before the game there will be 4 NFL playoff games.  Instead of a build up to the NCAA game, it will be more like a denouement to the NFL weekend.  I'll watch, but not with the intensity that I might watch if the game was played a week before.

I know this is an old-man type of opinion, but I don't know why the NCAA season can't end on January 1.  OK, I do understand.  Television, especially ESPN, has to get their money's worth.  Still, I'm a big fan of the Cotton Bowl, but there's no reason for it to be played after the BCS bowls.  And I really don't see any point of having SMU and Pitt play on January 7.  Having games after the BCS games makes the BCS games seem not as important as they should, doesn't it?

For a league that brings in gobs of money, which presumably means it has some of the smartest minds in sports working for them, the NCAA sure does know how to screw up its football postseason.  What is the main talk going to be on Sportscenter and sports radio on Monday?  It's going to be the NFL playoffs, not the NCAA Championship game.  Maybe the NCAA doesn't care.  They're bringing in so much money anyway, right?  But that sure does seem short-sighted.

It would have been so great to have had 3 weeks of discussion about who should be playing against LSU immediately followed up with the game.  Instead, we get 3 weeks of discussion followed by 2 weeks of holidays, and now it's hard to find anyone outside of Louisiana and Alabama that is fired up about the game.

I don't think I'm saying anything new, but watching Sportscenter waste time on January 7 breaking down SMU/Pitt was too much for me.


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