Sunday, January 29, 2012

We Got Your Super Bowl Right Here!

The Experts at have again done extensive research into this year's championship match up between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants. No amount of time or expense was spared as we narrowed down the critical indicators and metrics which will give our readers unchallenged insight into the 2012 Super Bowl. It is our mission and we can only say...

"Mission Accomplished"

THE COACHES:  Belichick vs. Coughlin

Bill seems to have a job for life, and Tom seems to always be on the verge getting fired. Belichick will be 60 in April and comes into his 5th Super Bowl with a postseason record of 17-6. His Super Bowl record is marred only be the 17-14 loss in 2008 to the "Guess Who?" New York Giants. With the "Hoodie,"  "Spygate" and the fact that he only used Tom Brady due to an injury to Drew Bledsoe, Coach Belichick has his share of detractors. But with 5 SB appearances in 12 years there is little doubt Canton is in his future.

Coach Tom Coughlin, a "Baby Boomer" born in 1946 is a true "Home Boy." Born in Waterloo, NY he attended Syracuse University. His first Head Coaching job was at Rochester. Ironically he made a real name for himself at Boston College. The chants of "Fire Coughlin" have been heard more than once in Giants Stadium, even in 2007 when the Giants would ultimately beat the undefeated Patriots, but Coughlin perseveres and a second win over the Patriots in this year's game would put him in select company.

So who has the advantage?  Jdaddy gives the nod to Belichick. The Patriots continue to win with a 6th round draft choice, a 5'4 running back and a 5'8 leading receiver. Coughlin's best move came when he did nothing and let overrated and loud mouth malcontents Tiki Barber and Jeremy Shockey go play in someone else's sandbox. By the way Tiki? How do you like him now?  Advantage - Patriots (by the thickness of video tape)

OWNERS: The Mara Family vs. Robert Kraft

Although Ann Mara made it close last week as she interrupted Terry Bradshaw and chewed him out for not picking the Giants, this is the easiest pick of all. The Maras are great owners and have obviously built a great franchise, but how can any of us not support Robert Kraft? Not withstanding the loss of his wife this year, Bob Kraft knows what it is like to be a fan. I really doubt the Mara's have ever seen the view from the end zone or upper decks of any stadium.             Advantage- Patriots

Quarterbacks Wives: Gisele vs. Abby

I really don't have much to say on this one, but this is the category I spent the most time on. Gisele is Brazilian, rich, tall (5'11"), gives endlessly to charities, former Victoria's Secret model and dumped Leonardo DiCaprio for Brady. Besides that she doesn't have a lot going for her.

Eli did not do to bad for himself either with the former Miss Abby McGrew. Abby is very loyal though, as she was a college sweetheart and knew him before he was a rich and famous NFL Quarterback. Of course, when they met, he was the son of a rich and famous former NFL Quarterback. A true Southern Belle.  Advantage - Giants

             Cheerleaders: Haves vs. Have Nots
The Giants still have no official cheerleading team while the Patriots will strut out 31 beautiful dancers. But there is just something about rowdy fans doing their own dancing in the stands that just takes you back. Besides, Doug Flutie's daughter Alexa is a Patriot Cheerleader and there is just something about that seems weird.
 Advantage - Giants

So there you have it folks. A tie ball game going into overtime. Hall of Fame coaches and owners, beautiful women, great fans and it all comes down to one simple fact;, the lovely home of cheating spouses, polled married women and 54% would rather have an affair with Eli Manning over Tom Brady. So middle aged moms, unhappy with their lives want Eli?

Advantage - Patriots!  Enjoy The Game!


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