Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Thing I Love The Most About The Kabaddi World Championship??? The Commercials

I have followed sports for my entire life and have come to the realization that the worst time of year has to be the few weeks after the Super Bowl. My reasons are simple;

1. Football is over
2. Baseball Spring Training is a month away
3. College Basketball means nothing until "March Madness"
4. The NBA Playoffs are as long as the NBA season so why watch now?
5. NHL ???? (see number 4)
6. Daytona 500 (renamed the Danica 500) is three weeks away
7. Golf? Please...... unless, of course, Kenny G. wins the Pro-Am at Pebble.... U Da Man Kenny!!!

So I looked to a foreign land and found the sport of "Kabaddi". The best I can figure out, it is a mixture of "Red Rover", "Tag", and the kid's game of seeing who can hold their breath the longest. I am not clear on all the rules, but I figure that we will see Eli Manning compete one day and somehow he will win the Kabaddi Championship......... Enjoy the highlights!


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