Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Week 12 NFL Picks Against a 5-Year-Old - Thanksgiving Edition

Much like the NFL's version of Week 11, our Week 11 picks were listless and uninspiring.  3 of us finished 7-7 and the other one finished 6-8.  Kind of like watching a Cleveland/Dallas overtime "thriller."

Speaking of the Cowboys, I'm trying to formulate a post at just how far the Cowboys have fallen on my radar.  It's a sad realization when it dawns on you that you're just not a "die-hard" like you used to be.  But I'm at that point, for various reasons, and hopefully I'll be able to explain in a coherent manner.

But this week is not the week to dwell on those things.  It's the season of the year where we take time to say what we're thankful for.  So here are my top 5 things I'm currently thankful for in the sports world.

5. Keith Olbermann

Yeah, I can't believe it either.  It's amazing how much I dislike his commentary on one subject, but love his commentary on another.  MLB Network needs more Keith Olbermann.  He and Brian Kenny were such greatness on Tuesday morning's version of  Hot Stove.

4.The NHL Lockout
Maybe it's cause I'm getting more cynical as I get older, but watching one group of people that has lost touch with the reality of the world battling another group of people that has lost touch with the reality of the world really makes my day.  I guess if the lockout brings more stability to the support then it's a good thing, but does anyone really think that's the case?

3. Dirk Nowitzki

Hurry back, big fella.

2. Melky Cabrera and Bartolo Colon

It's good to know that users of PEDs really feel the pain of their decisions and don't profit from the outlying seasons that PEDs helped create.

1. Johnny Football

No surprise here.  He looks like Brick Heck and he's in line to be the first Aggie Heisman winner since John David Crow.  I can't wait until 2016 when he gets the Tebow coverage from ESPN.

Back to the picks.  You'll notice that there are two races forming.  The kid better watch out.  He's about to get passed.

Week 11 Results
CDog: 7-7
Uncle J: 7-7
JDaddy: 7-7
5-Year-Old: 6-8

Overall Results
CDog: 84-73-3
Uncle J: 83-74-3
5-Year-Old: 75-82-3

Week 12 Picks

GameJDaddyCDog5 Year OldUncle J
Houston (-3) at DetroitDetroitHoustonDetroitHouston
Washington (+3.5) at DallasDallasWashingtonDallasDallas
New England (-6.5) at NY JetsNew EnglandNew EnglandNY JetsNew England
Oakland (+8) at CincinnatiOaklandOaklandCincinnatiOakland
Pittsburgh (PK) at ClevelandPittsburghPittsburghClevelandPittsburgh
Buffalo (+3) at IndianapolisIndianapolisIndianapolisIndianapolisIndianapolis
Denver (-10.5) at Kansas CityDenverKansas CityKansas CityDenver
Tennessee (-3) at JacksonvilleJacksonvilleTennesseeJacksonvilleTennessee
Minnesota (OFF) at ChicagoChicagoChicagoChicagoChicago
Atlanta (-1) at Tampa BayAtlantaAtlantaTampa BayTampa Bay
Seattle (-3) at MiamiSeattleMiamiMiamiSeattle
Baltimore (-1) at San DiegoBaltimoreBaltimoreSan DiegoBaltimore
San Francisco (-2) at New OrleansNew OrleansSan FranciscoNew OrleansNew Orleans
St. Louis (+2.5) at ArizonaSt. LouisSt. LouisArizonaSt. Louis
Green Bay (+2.5) at NY GiantsGreen BayNY GiantsNY GiantsGreen Bay
Carolina (+2.5) at PhiladelphiaCarolinaCarolinaCarolinaPhiladelphia


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