Friday, November 30, 2012

Week 13 NFL Picks Against a 5-Year-Old

Under the gun today, so just a couple of quick notes.
  • The kid had a nice bounce back week with 9 correct picks.  Every time he looks like he's out of it he comes roaring back.  He's back to within striking distance of .500.
  • I interrupted the kid from playing with his toys when we ran down the list of games last week.  He wasn't paying much attention and picked the home teams for all the games (except for Carolina, which is his favorite team).  Turned out to be a decent strategy.
  • Uncle J had a rough week.  I had a very good week.  The 1st place lead is now 7 games.
  • My strategy in picking Cowboys games continues to pay dividends.
  • JDaddy is hanging in there!

Week 12 Results
CDog: 11-3-2
5-Year-Old: 9-5-2
JDaddy: 7-7-2
Uncle J: 5-9-2

Overall Results
CDog: 95-76-5
Uncle J: 88-83-5
5-Year-Old: 84-87-5
JDaddy: 81-90-5

Week 13 Picks

GameJDaddyCDog5 Year OldUncle J
New Orleans (+3.5) at AtlantaNew OrleansAtlantaAtlantaAtlanta
Seattle (+3.5) at ChicagoChicagoSeattleChicagoChicago
Minnesota (+8) at Green BayGreen BayMinnesotaGreen BayMinnesota
San Francisco (-7) at St. LouisSan FranciscoSan FranciscoSt. LouisSan Francisco
Arizona (+4.5) at NY JetsNY JetsNY JetsNY JetsNY Jets
Carolina (-3) at Kansas CityCarolinaCarolinaCarolinaCarolina
Indianapolis (+4.5) at DetroitDetroitIndianapolisDetroitDetroit
Jacksonville (+5.5) at BuffaloJacksonvilleBuffaloJacksonvilleBuffalo
New England (-7.5) at MiamiNew EnglandMiamiMiamiNew England
Houston (-6) at TennesseeHoustonHoustonTennesseeHouston
Tampa Bay (+7) at DenverDenverDenverDenverTampa Bay
Pittsburgh (+8) at BaltimorePittsburghPittsburghBaltimoreBaltimore
Cleveland (PK) at OaklandOaklandClevelandOaklandCleveland
Cincinnati (-2.5) at San DiegoCincinnatiCincinnatiSan DiegoCincinnati
Philadelphia (+10) at DallasDallasPhiladelphiaDallasDallas
NY Giants (-2.5) at WashingtonWashingtonNY GiantsWashingtonNY Giants


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