Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2012 National League Batsmen of the Year

While it may seem a bit late to some, those who know the pains we at the Cheap Seats go through to check our figures will understand. With pitchers and catchers scheduled to report in just a few weeks, we are announcing the final tabulations for our 2012 Batsmen of the Year.

Along with this week’s Hall of Fame announcement, The B.O.T.Y. will be the award an athlete can look back on and say………What???????????  6 of our 20 finalists from last year (and here) are on our list again with a repeat winner in the AL.
For those who don’t remember, we take all batting statistics of the top 5 players in each category and assign a value. The top 10 players are then ranked against each other. The results are an unbiased selection of the most feared players at the plate for an entire season.

For the list of American League Batsmen of the Year, click here.

National League Batsman of the Year

 Ryan Braun - Milwaukee Brewers - Batsman Score: 974.35

Many people think Braun slipped by on a technicality in avoiding a 50 game ban for a failed drug test. But, surely baseball couldn’t have made such a mistake! Braun finished third last year behind Fielder and Matt Kemp. With Fielder in the AL and Kemp injured much of the year, Braun finished with another solid season in 2012.

100 Runs
191 Hits
36 Doubles
41 Homers
112 RBI
63 Walks
.319 Avg.
.987 OPS

Runner Up

Buster Posey - San Francisco Giants - Batsman Score: 864.25

The National League MVP cemented his All-Star status with a second place Batsman finish.

178 Hits
39 Doubles
103 RBI
69 Walks
.336 Avg
.957 OPS

Bronze Medal

Aaron Hill - Arizona Diamondbacks - Batsman Score: 829.80

Who? After being traded to the Diamondbacks in 2011, Hill had his best year in 2012

 93 Runs
184 Hits
44 Doubles
.302 Avg.

Remainder of National league Top 10
Andrew McCutchen – Pittsburgh Pirates – 795.65
Aramis Ramirez – Milwaukee Brewers – 786.05
Chase Headley – San Diego Padres – 778.25
Matt Holliday – St. Louis Cardinals – 767.15
David Wright – New York Mets – 752.35
Jay Bruce – Cincinnati Reds – 656.70
Adam LaRoche – Washington Nationals – 648.60

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