Monday, January 7, 2013

And the 2012 Winner Is...

It was no surprise.  I was already doing my victory lap heading into the final week, and apparently, I had my opponents so demoralized they didn't even try to mount a comeback.  A 10-6 final week landed me at 137-113-6 for the season, finishing 11 games ahead of Uncle J.

The 5-year-old finished strong at 8-8.  He finished 2 games under .500 for the season, a slight improvement over last year.  The experiment in random selection to pick NFL games has gone exactly as you would expect.  Through the 2 seasons we've done this, the kid has gone 245-251-16.  He is basically a 45 pound coin flip.

Thanks for following along this season.  Now we'll be forced to actually write something to keep this blog up-to-date.

Week 17 Results
CDog: 10-6
5-Year-Old: 8-8
JDaddy: 6-10
Uncle J: 5-11

Overall Results
CDog: 137-113-6
Uncle J: 126-124-6
5-Year-Old: 124-126-6
JDaddy: 118-132-6


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