Saturday, October 29, 2011

Week 8 NFL Predictions - Experts vs. a Four-Year-Old

Great news!  We're not 100% idiots!  Just partial idiots.  For the first time all season, all three of us finished above .500.  This is not an indictment of the four-year-old, he's been doing fine all year.  And, you know, he's 4.  I think he just repeats the last team he hears and picks them.

But for ol' JDaddy and CDog it is a miracle from God himself that we both finished above .500.  Lets don't start popping champagne just yet, though.  We barely finished on the winning side.  The kid still leads, but we're not going away.

Last Week
JDaddy: 7-5-1
CDog: 7-5-1
4-Year-Old: 7-5-1

JDaddy: 47-50-6
CDog: 47-50-6
4-Year-Old: 50-47-6

Week 8 Picks

GameJDaddyCDog4 Year Old
Indianapolis (+8.5) at TennesseeTennesseeTennesseeTennessee
Jacksonville (+9.5) at HoustonHoustonJacksonvilleHouston
Minnesota (+3.5) at CarolinaCarolinaCarolinaCarolina
New Orleans (-13.5) at St. LouisNew OrleansNew OrleansSt. Louis
Arizona (+12.5) at BaltimoreArizonaArizonaBaltimore
Miami (+9.5) at NY GiantsNY GiantsNY GiantsMiami
Washington (+6) at Buffalo (in Toronto)BuffaloBuffaloBuffalo
Detroit (-3) at DenverDenverDetroitDetroit
New England (-3) at PittsburghNew EnglandPittsburghPittsburgh
Cleveland (+8.5) at San FranciscoClevelandSan FranciscoCleveland
Cincinnati (-3) at SeattleCincinnatiSeattleSeattle
Dallas (+3.5) at PhiladelphiaDallasDallasDallas
San Diego (-4) at Kansas CitySan DiegoSan DiegoKansas City

Baseball season came to a crashing end, but now it is time to focus on football!


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