Saturday, March 17, 2012

First Round March Madness Results Against A 4-Year-Old

March Madness 2012 now has one round complete.  Duke is gone.  Missouri is gone.  So are the bracket hopes of our very own TJ Kool.  And so far, it looks like the 4-year-old kid is not going to out-pick us like he did during the football season. 

Here at the Cheap Seats, we made our picks earlier this week.  JDaddy and I invited TJ and the kid to join us.  I thought it might be tougher for the 4-year-old to keep up since these picks are not against the line.  So far, that's been the case.  When you're 4 and you pick St. Mary's to win it all, things aren't going to go your way.

Here is how we stand after the first round.

CDog - 23
TJ Kool - 22
JDaddy - 20
4-Year-Old - 17

JDaddy may still have the upper hand as he has all 4 Final Four picks still alive.  TJ and I have 3 picks, and the kid has 2.

Stay tuned.


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