Friday, March 30, 2012

Updated March Madness 2012 Picks

NCAA basketball just isn't the game for the 4-year-old.  Despite picking NFL games better than us, he doesn't have the knack for March Madness.  But then again, none of us have done all that great.  JDaddy is the only one that still has the possibility of picking a championship game participant and an actual champion.  And since he's winning after the Elite 8, he has already clinched our division.

I didn't even get 1 Final Four team correct and neither did the kid.  TJ Kool got Kansas correct, but he has them losing in the Final Four. He still has the most correct picks, however.

In any event, here are our standings.  See our post here to get a rundown of the scoring.  We used the same scoring scale most people use.

JDaddy - 66
TJ Kool - 64
CDog - 53
4-Year-Old - 37

Correct Picks
TJ Kool - 35
JDaddy - 34
CDog - 34
4-Year-Old - 25

I guess I'll go for Kansas now.  Not really sure now, except for Big 12 allegiances.  But having said that, my team is moving to the SEC next year, so maybe I should pull for the Wildcats.  But that would require hoping for the best for this guy.  I just can't do it.


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