Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March Madness 2012 Against a 4-Year-Old Through Round 2

After 2 rounds of March Madness 2012, it looks like we are finally going to outdo a 4-year-old in picking games.  We had no such luck during the NFL season, but now that the kid isn't picking against the spread, his soothsaying ability is marginalized.

We're keeping score based on the usual 1 point for first round, 2 points for second round, 4 points for third round, etc. and after the first two rounds I have the most correct picks with 30.  However, due to JDaddy having the most Sweet 16 teams still in the running, he has the most points overall.  The kid?  He just has 6 Sweet 16 teams left, and his champion, St. Mary's was out in the first round.  So sad.

Here are the standings:

Correct Picks
CDog - 30
JDaddy - 29
TJ Kool - 29
4-Year-Old - 23

JDaddy - 38
CDog - 37
TJ Kool - 36
4-Year-Old - 29


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