Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Final 2019 NFL Picks Against a 12-Year-Old Standings

Well, better late than never, right? No, I'm not talking about a COVID-19 vaccine. I'm talking about posting the results of last year's pick 'em contest against a 12-year-old. I could blame it on me having back surgery last December, or the weirdness of 2020 in general, but that would be just hiding the fact that sometimes I'm lazy. Sue me.

Of all years to not get around to posting the results, the 2019 contest should not have been the one. We had our best year of all time. Uncle J ended up winning the season, but it came down to the last week, and all 4 of us had positive years. Here are the final standings.

Uncle J: 138-114-4

CDog: 136-116-4

JDaddy: 136-116-4

12-Year-Old: 133-119-4

If you are interested in how we've done historically, here you go:

2011 - Winner: The Kid (he was 4)

2012 - Winner: CDog

2013 - Winner: The Kid

2014 - Winner: JDaddy

2015 - Winner: The Kid 

2016 - Winner: Uncle J

2017 - Winner: CDog

2018 - Winner: JDaddy

2019 - Winner: Uncle J

That makes 3 wins for The Kid, and 2 each for the rest of us. Will one of us catch The Kid this year, or will he expand his lead. He's about to turn 13, and he's in his first fantasy football league. Maybe he knows what he's talking about now. But that hasn't helped the rest of us.


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